Study of our group about controllable and uncontrollable stress published in Scientific Reports

Our group has carried out a study about the differential effect at short and long-term of exposure to controllable and uncontrollable stress during adolescence in male rats. In this study, the authors show that despite that exposure to stressful situations in adolescence has negative consequences at short and long-term both at the physiological and behavioural level, the possibility to exert control over the stressor might mitigate its negative effects. The study, lead by Dr. Roser Nadal and Dr. Antonio Armario, has been published in the journal Scientific Reports and includes data from the PhD dissertation of Dr. Maria Sanchís Ollé. Congratulations to all the researchers involved in this study!

The news has been published in UAB Divulga:

Moreover, Dr. Roser Nadal has explained the study and its implications in an interview with Radio 4: mp3Radio 4523.18 KB


If you want to read the study you can visit the following link:

Article Sanchis-Olle et al. 2019